The expat-buddy transition and relocation coaching program

This is the relocation package that no one has ever offered you but that all my expat friends have dreamed of.

Moving abroad can bring a mix of feelings, some confusion, and an emotional state that needs to be expressed to better understand how you can cope with a relocation.

I have designed this program with you in mind.
Life as an expat and the constant changes affect the five pillars of our life: Me, the couple, the family, the work, and the social life.
Balancing them improves your capacity to adapt and helps you create the life you want.

First time expat or serial expat
How can I help you?

It is not the number of moves that protects us from a possible complicated adaptation.
It only takes one of our pillars to be weak to jeopardise our self-balance, directly impacting how we will adapt to a new place.

I would love to hear your story

I offer you an opportunity to put yourself first, be vulnerable in a safe environment,
and allow you to ask questions on topics you might be wondering about without daring to say it out loud.
From personal questions to cultural changes, to expressing your emotions about the potential move, or the new country you just arrived in.

Some of the transitions as an expat are more challenging than others: kids’ problems, couple issues, long-distance relationship problems with the family, finding a job, and feeling depressed.

I love being an expat. It is a mindset. I won’t be sugarcoating the experience because life abroad is LIFE with its positives and negatives. But it is worth it, profoundly inspiring. But it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and some challenges are more difficult to cope with than others.

Are you constantly adapting to your surroundings and trying not to fall? A bit like a tightrope walker?

My coaching program is based on sharing, caring, guiding, empathy, and a great sense of humour. The Expat Buddy is a new concept, as it fully integrates the logistic and emotional aspects of life abroad and not only focuses on one or the other.

Don’t you sometimes feel like a tightrope walker: always trying to find your balance to stay on track?

I thrive on helping you go through difficult moments. Not because I enjoy seeing people in pain; on the contrary, I am very objective and optimistic about life, no matter what it throws at you.

Let’s see how I can accompany you to find the right balance to make the most of your “trailing spouse” life.

Seat belt on ------- 540€ - 6 sessions

In the starting block, here are few of the things this package will provide you with:

– Control on the logistic side of the move abroad with tools and tips

– Help you brief and address issues  to the local relocation company.

– Look for a school, choose an educational system over another one

– Set up your boundaries by asking some questions that no one has ever dared asking you

– Review potential cultural shocks in the country of destination

– Evaluate your wheel of life and how to balance your 5 pillars when necessary

Turbulences ---- 765€/9 sessions

You’ve been an expat for quite some time, you have done few countries, however you feel sad, overwhelmed, something is off. You don’t know what it is. Need some help in nailing the issue?

About to become an empty nest, and changing countries: you wonder how to integrate in this new place when your children are no longer the motivation for social connection?

You know you’ll be moving in half a year, even later, and you feel lost: too soon to disconnect from where you are but too early to really project yourself into the new life as it seems so far.

Your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, and you just don’t know who you can talk to and find support.

You might be moving to a new place but it can not be officially mentioned. You need to find information and share about this next transition in total confidentiality

Oxygen Mask ----- 95€/1 session

It is urgent, you can’t talk to anyone in your close circle, and no one can understand you

Something has happened, you need to talk about a situation, and you have mixed feelings. Your world is about to collapse?
You need to share and have a thinking partner to bring clarity, I am all ears.

You need to be heard, no judgement, and eventually some feedback

It is urgent, you can’t talk to any one in your close circle, no one can understand you

Something has happened, you need to talk about a situation, and you have mix feelings. Your world is about to collapse?

You need a landing ear to be heard, no judgement, and eventually some feedback

Research and support for corporate.

Open to special mission on a short or long term for which an estimate can be established.

I can be part of a corporate team as an extra back up


What I am really good at, and what HR people are praising me for.

A better chance to have a coworker succeeding in his mission

Extra help for the responsible of the international mobility
Extra help to convince the wife of the future expat to accept the “mission”
A tailor made help and approach dealing with specific issues of a trailing spouse, developed by a trailing spouse for trailing spouses: I am not in your life but I have been in your shoes!

Liability, loyalty, real understanding and empathy
Limiting the number of potential incidents during transitions, moves and other disruptions
Better dealing with cultural shocks and inter cultural risks also valid for the working expat

Benefits of working with me as your transition coach

  • Recognition from your partner’s company that you exist and have a legitimate influence on the decision of the expatriation
  • Honest feedback and knowledge of the expat life conditions, expectations, effects
  • Be active in the process making and be active on how you want your expatriation to be
  • You are not alone in feeling the way you do at this moment
  • You can say out loud what you think/feel in silence
  • Build a better self-esteem
  • Get new tools to apprehend changes
  • Develop leads to living the expat life the way you want
  • Knowing that you are never alone, that I am here whenever whatever.
  • Get rid of judgmental attitudes, ideas, and false ideas based on ignorance
  • Can develop resilience to make a happy life in the host country even if you don’t like it
  • Be aware of the changes the expatriation has on you and your four areas of life to better adjust and balance during the transitions between countries
  • Be happier, feel better
  • Help you remove the focus from the “to-do list” and practical aspects of your life.
  • You feel safe, at peace, heard, and understood. “I’ve been there, I’ve done it.

You feel more secure and better aligned with your emotions and feelings because you know they are “normal”; you are ready to face the challenges of this crazy but how addicting Expat Life because you will have the RESOURCES to embrace every single moment.

I love

Being the moderator of the Expat Nanas separees divorcees FB Group

Being the administrator of the Book Club for divorced and single expat mums (join my group)

My WhatsApp group Bunch of beautiful ladies created in Argentina, and now live!

Participate on social media

Write articles and give interviews targeting expats

Solide soutien psychologique

“Je recommande vivement Nadège comme expat buddy,  car elle a été pour moi un précieux soutien durant mon expatriation à Malte. A l’écoute et disponible, Nadège m’a conseillée sur l’organisation, notamment la gestion du déménagement, mais elle m’a aussi beaucoup soutenu psychologiquement. Elle m’a donné des clés pour trouver un équilibre dans le pays d d’accueil, et m’a aidée à surmonter tous les problèmes que j ai pu rencontrer. Il est agréable de se faire accompagner par une personne neutre bienveillante pour une aventure aussi compliquée qu’une expatriation.” Merci Nadège, Alice E.C, Malta 2021

Avec Nadège on avance

“Alors que j etais en pleine reflexion sur ma reconversion professionelle, j avais du mal à me lancer. J’avais une idee de mon objectif mais aucune idee de comment l atteindre, ce qui etait paralysant. Nadege m’a permis d’y voir plus clair sur mon objectif, et d’avoir une méthode pour faire mes recherches et selectionner les bonnes pistes. Elle a continue sans relache a me motiver, a me questionner et a me booster. Nadege a su, avec empathie et rigueur, me faire creuser en profondeur mes envies et mes ambitions. Je suis allee de l’avant et me suis decouvert des choses que je ne soupconnais pas sur moi-meme. Au final, avec Nadege, il n’y a pas de procrastination, pas de tournage en rond : on avance. Et tout ca avec une bonne dose d’humour en prime.”Flore, Florida 2022