Certified Divorce Coach supporting international and multi-cultural families

You don't have to face this challenge alone!

You have the right to feel the way you do, and asking for support is a sign of strength

The discovery session is a time for me to dig into your story, understand where you come from, where you are standing and where you want to move forward. Your life story, your divorce story, your personality, your needs and interests are unique, so are my perspective and experiences as a divorce coach.

It is therefore important that we both feel good about each other, and that you feel confident how I can help you. I will let you be the judge of this. Give me a call.

Just call the way you are

Don’t wait and don’t look for an excuse. Show up the way you are.

in pj’s, in slippers or not even showered.

 It doesn’t matter how you look.

What matters is that you are taking the first step in getting control of what is happening.

You are perfect the way you are.

Every story is different, every situation is unique, some of the challenges are similar.

No matter where you are in the process of divorcing, I can support you achieve your goals

I will survive ----------- 160€/3 sessions

Are you stuck in a negative spiral? You know you “should do” something but don’t know what and how.
It would help if you got organised: finances, paperwork, lawyer feedback, and co-parenting plan.

You are motivated and convinced of the benefits of having a divorce coach by your side. You think you can handle most of the process yourself but want to start on the right foot. You are dedicated to your divorce, and accountability is essential to you.

What you are gaining

  • Control of the situation
  • Become more assertive
  • Know what you have, what you need and what you want

Stand by me ----------- 310€/6 sessions

You need a thinking partner to step in as it all started amicably, but now after a few months, it looks like things will be a bit more complicated. Work on co-parenting or establish good communication with a problematic STBX while supporting you emotionally.
Start thinking about your future and what it could hold for you now that the process is almost over. It would help if you had some time during our session to vent and did not want to feel pressured by time.

What you are gaining

  • Secure the new you in your best self “costume”.
  • Gain more knowledge and less anxiety when making informed decisions.
  • develop a strong positive base to move forward thanks to the strategies and tools you learn during coaching which you can keep using in the long run
  • Reconnect with your inner values, and consolidate your strengths to face the different steps of the process

The winner takes it all ----------- 600€/12 sessions

You want to be supported whenever and wherever during the process.
This package also gives you flexibility with time as you can choose to book a session per week, or more, and none for some time, it depends on your needs.

What you are gaining

  • Peace: less rush, more time to think and take informed decisions
  • You will have space to heal, explore options, give time to time which is also important during the process.
  • You will allow yourself to practice what you learn during our coaching time, setting up strong bases for the future

Help, I need somebody ----------- 1 session -75€

Getting ready for a meeting with lawyers, or your STBX, or the judge, for mediation and you want to practice and feel more secure
Anything that seems important and urgent but doesn’t need too many sessions.
You need a place to vent, something too heavy to keep for yourself and you want a thinking partner just to find your way out of this.
I let you be the judge!

What you are gaining

  • Instant relief
  • some peace of mind
  • empowerment
  • energy, a feeling of reconnection with yourself
  • confirmation that you are not crazy!

What you gain

  • safety and peace, knowing you have been heard and understood
  • happiness, and feeling better despite what is happening.
  • stop the emotions from taking over, get unstuck from negative thoughts, and better control your emotions so you can think clearly
  • take control of how the decisions are being made during the process and stop feeling hopeless. “ I feel like he is the one deciding for everything” is the most common comment my clients make.
  • create a future plan for you with meaningful work and financial stability,
  • save money and time
  • figuring out solutions when doubting if you should stay or leave the relationship
  • new perspectives: “my lawyer and I are a team, I understand what she needs from me, but most importantly she understands me as I am clear and credible.”
  • more confident and assertive on how to communicate with your STBX.
  • Credible financial plans and knowing the numbers help you develop the right strategy.

When working with me

  • I offer you a safe space where can you can be at peace, and let it all out. I practice active listening, and remember, I am not in your life but I have been in your shoes.
  • Using tools to apprehend changes and lessen the impact of the emotions to gain clarity in what the actions should be.
  • The ability to remain at your best self and move forward.
  • Be active in the process of the divorce and take informed decisions, decide how you want to run the show.
  • Become a credible client with realistic expectations for your lawyer and your divorce.
  • Help you take the focus away from the story and focus on the process, avoid you throwing in the towel and regretting it later on.
  • I help you brief a lawyer, ask the right questions to your lawyer, get organized and develop active and fruitful communication with your lawyer for the best quality/time ratio so you save money.
  • Better understanding where everyone stands in the process, and control fear and anger to shift the way you communicate.

A blessing support

“Working with Nadège was a blessing as divorce is a very challenging experience in every way. She is compassionate but also very focused and never fails to reorientate attention on the main things that really matters. She is a true inspiration as she went through all of it and her experience is precious.
Her disponibility gave me the chance to have her guidance when i needed the most.
With her help, I was able to channel my emotions and question the true sense of my decisions.
Her ability of reassurance is priceless as my self esteem has worn out of my 16 years of marriage and years of expatriation where I felt useless.
She puts me back in the center of my own attention and it’s the most important thing on the way of my own evolution.

Eszter H., Brazil (dual citizen divorce with 2 different residencies)

Let me help you tackle those emotions, turn them into positive fuel and get rid off the bad thoughts and behaviours.
I can help you find the answers and solutions to those questions and statements.

Stand-up Method

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” says the song, (Kelly Clarkson) which I listened to hundreds of times.
But during the divorce, you need to S.T.A.N.D-U.P (Bob Marley) for what you want and what you need. Not against the other one, not against anyone. But you need to stand up for yourself, and your children’s best interests.

This is how I sum up the process of the divorce. It is my signature word to you to give you strength and power.
This is what you need to remember so you can look at this moment of your life as being an opportunity and not a failure.

My specialities

Co-parenting plans in high-conflict divorces –
Co-parenting across borders  –
 Budget and finances planning development –
Pre-mediation preparation –

I closely collaborate with professionals (lawyers, therapists, psychologists) should you need referrals for some extra help.
Develop leads to living the life you want after the divorce is over



Choose wisely your lawyer
Choose who you share your information with, not everyone is kind
Dare to ask for help
Get a good team to support, family, friends and professionals.



Take your time to assess your situation
Take your time to accept what is happening, and the emotional disruption the divorce is causing you
Do not rush, do not procrastinate
Organise yourself as early as possible,
Get organised to maximise time and money



Bring self-awareness in everything you do
Be mindful of what the other members of the family are going through
Be aware of how your emotions might mislead you



Self care is important during the process of the divorce: diet/body, mental support, share the burden : psy, coach, GP
Self-compassion especially after a cheating – self-esteem is low
Treat yourself like you would of a friend in a similar situation



Determine the process: mediation, collaborative process, negotiation
Determine custody: work on a detail co-parenting plan. Think wisely. Communicate BIFF
Marital property and distribution property
Child support and alimony



You are unique
Your marriage was unique
Your family is unique
Your divorce is unique
Your co-parenting is unique
So will be your next chapter in life



Be proud of every single little step you are taking
Be proud of your kids and acknowledge what they are going through
Be proud of what your marriage used to be, and highlight the good moments
Put your pride in the right place, do not use it to get at the other parent
Feeling proud of how you have handled the divorce is a reward you should be chasing.