I am a serial expat dedicated to help other families go through the challenges of life abroad

I have always wanted to live abroad, my journey started when I was 17, being in an international environment is what I love, even when it is tough.

Citizen of the world

Expat for 26 years – 11 countries,  4 continents, numerous moves, 3 TCK kids. 1 dog Kiwi and 1 cat Katze Charly

My career as an expat has provided me with a wide variety of jobs and experiences. Changing countries every 2 to 3 years forced me to reinvent myself quite often, and I have had my load of challenging moments and moves.

it is thanks to my lifestyle that I first realised I wanted to support trailing spouses and provided them with a unique relocation concept: the Expat-Buddy.  I wanted to share my resources and knowledge and challenge the expat women in some areas that no one was really concerned about: the emotional side of life abroad.

Long story short my couple faced a traumatic experience during one of my most challenging relocations. I thought I could save it, and I tried for a decade. But in 2021, as we were meant to move again, I could no longer pretend I was happy.

I could no longer pretend that what happened in the past didn’t affect me.  It did badly, and we mutually decided it was better to end our 25 years.
I am still an expat, an important part of my identity. I am lucky to be living in Spain, which is also where my kids study.

In 2012 I already had to "flirt" with a potential divorce. So it wasn't quite new for me when in 2021 the decision was final, but still, there is a big difference between something you consider hypothetically and when you decide to press the button.

What I learnt in the process of my divorce and how my certification as a divorce coach made a difference:

Professionals have limitations, and so do friends and family

My lawyer was good with the law and had little to no time for my emotions to cluster the process.

My psychologist wasn’t what I needed in the long term; there was no need for therapy. I worked with her at the beginning, but then I didn’t need a therapist during the process. She was important in helping me decide to go ahead with the divorce, and I felt strong to then inform my STBX about it and start making decisions.

Friends and family do not handle time the same way you do. By the end of the 3rd month they will expect you to “get over it”, and there are things during the process you can not share with them, and do not want to involve your family with those things because you need to protect them, you and your kids.

And my best reward is my lawyer’s note right after signing my divorce.

I had wrong beliefs and expectations about justice and fairness. I quickly changed my view of justice, wedding contract, and prenup. I quickly had to shift my thinking to a more realistic but achievable goal.

S.T.A.N.D-U.P (my signature)

Timing was important

Not too fast, not too slow, do not rush, do not let your emotions run the show, but don’t let your brain take control. It is a matter of balance, and I learnt how to breathe and use other tools to return to my best self and face every single step of the process.

As a moderator of a FB group of divorcing women for over 4 years, I know social media is excellent, but you need to handle it with great care. My story is unique and different, and so is your’s.

Send me a message and I will happily send you my flashcards on Hints and Tips about being an expat and about divorcing abroad

I chose during my divorce to embrace new opportunities for a better tomorrow, and today I support my clients in the process of the divorce to uncover new paths and potentials.

As a serial expat and divorced mum, I understand what you are going through. I am not in your life but have been in your shoes.

Because divorce doesn’t have to be UGLY, and I can help you.

I also want every future expat and trailing spouse to be ready to face life abroad. I believe it is better to be safe than sorry; therefore, being prepared to move overseas, and knowing what it takes to leave your comfort zone, is already the first step to thriving in this lifestyle.


I still educate myself every day, currently, I am specialising in co-parenting in high-conflict divorce. I read a lot and participate in different groups, I have at heart to bring you the very best support, whatever your situation is.