- Certified Divorce Coach for International and multicultural families -

Emotions and constant questioning can lead to destructive behaviours. It doesn’t mean you are a terrible person; it means that the stress is potentially driving you to misbehave and do you know that it could eventually have negative repercussions on your health?

Just call the way you are

Don’t wait, and don’t look for an excuse. Show up the way you are

in pj’s, in slippers, not yet showered?

 It doesn’t matter how you look.

What matters is that you are taking the first step in getting control of what is happening.

You are perfect the way you are.

You have the right to feel the way you do, and asking for support is a sign of strength

Not everything in the divorce has to be dark, a bit of humour can also take us a long way.
So what sound of music do you want to hear?
Which of my services inspires you to start moving forward?

Music Maestro

Music has been and is still playing a huge part in helping me remain positive, joyful and motivated.

I have put together a Motivation Music List for you to feel inspired, and I thought it would be nice to connect my offers to some great hits.

Let me help you tackle those emotions, turn them into positive fuel and get rid off the bad thoughts and behaviours. I can help you find the answers and solutions to those questions and statements.

I am not in your life but I have been in your shoes.

I chose during my divorce to embrace new opportunities for a better tomorrow (certification to become a divorce coach), and today I support my clients in the process of the divorce to uncover new paths and potentials.

As a serial expat, divorced mum, I heartedly understand what you are going through.

Because divorce doesn’t have to be UGLY, and I can help you.

Dear expat women, soon-to-be-divorcee

What is happening to you really sucks. The whole situation is a nightmare ...(Read more)

I am not in your life, but have been in your shoes; and I do understand how you are feeling. I want to share with you few things. As a an expat myself, I have approached my divorce like a new posting in a country I didn’t want to live in.
So I did my best to make my “residency” as short as possible but as SMARTLY as possible. Wherever you are in the journey of your divorce, let me tell you that you are on the right track to making your divorce the “best day of your married life”.

In the same way, you might have organised and planned your wedding, you can, and I’ll say, you MUST plan your divorce, and I will be happy to do so!

Together we will write the scenario of your divorce; you'll take informed decisions that will help you move forward.

I will provide you with emotional support to help you regain self-awareness and strength and allow you acquire knowledge and confidence, so you can clarify your intentions to create your own path.

As an expat, you have already acquired so many useful skills that are useful during a divorce: thinking outside the box, adaptability and resilience. Divorce will challenge all of them, and I will help you remain focused and keep looking ahead till you feel secure to continue the journey of life by yourself.
Kindest regards, Nadège

Expat Women

STAND UP for what you want, what you need, and what is in your children’s best interest.
STAND UP for yourself, not against the other one, not to get back at the other one, but for your future and how you want it to be for you.

Standing up and moving forward is an opportunity divorce is giving you.

Grab it.

And if you need help, call me.

Interviews, articles, resources, real life experience

So many questions about divorcing in your head. Find here some answers

  • Where to start after a breakup abroad?
  • I don’t know whom to call. Family is far away, friends are so busy with their own life.
  • what will the expat community say? 
  • I can’t think straight, my brain is fusing with so many thoughts that I can’t even put them into action.
  • How can I hide it much longer? the kids will soon find out. How to tell them?
  • if only the pain could stop, just for a minute, time for me to catch my breath.
  • WTFxxK is happening?
  • You feel like throwing in the towel, hoping that once this is over, things will get better. The faster, the better. True or False?
  • I feel stuck and I can’t decide on what to do, or how to do what I am supposed to do. By the way, what am I supposed to do? Being forced to step outside your comfort zone, as an expat, you thought you were used to it. But this one is very different.
  • What is he thinking, and doing? Nothing seems to affect him, he seems to be doing so well. It is not fair. I am so angry at him, I want to destroy him! I want him to pay for what he is doing to me and my family!

How will I know that I need a divorce coach?

Everyone is different and will have a different answer. So it is really up to you, some people will feel strong enough to go through the process alone, till they realise they can’t. Others know from the beginning that they are not equipped to face the rollercoaster awaiting them; others want to make sure from the start that they want someone reliable and with whom they feel safe to share everything from D 1.

A divorce coach will help you save time and money because you will be using your lawyer’s time wisely; thanks to the help the divorce coach will provide you, you will become more credible, and lawyers love reasonable clients who come with their strategy and realistic expectations.

Here are a few pointers that might help decide:

  • Wanting revenge and not being able to see anything else than the pain he has caused
  • Struggling in taking decisions?
  • Not being able to come up with a proper budget?

You need to vent and be supported in how you feel without judgement.

How does it work?

The sessions are a time when you can let it all out.

It is a safe space filled with empathy, compassion and no judgement.

It is like a conversation between 2 friends, just that I will be asking you questions in the hope that it will bring a shift in your thinking and gives you the insights to find your answers and solutions.

You will always be the session’s leader; coaching is about being by your side to help you take the steps you want towards your goal. I am not the leader and do not decide where to go. It is entirely up to you, and coaching can be compelling when trust, respect and accountability have been established.

The expat buddy transition and relocation Coach

This is the relocation package that no one has ever offered you but that all my expat friends have dreamed of.

Just call the way you are

I have designed this program with you in mind. Life as an expat and the constant changes affect the five pillars of our life: Me, the couple, the family, the work, and the social life. Balancing them improves your capacity to adapt and helps you create the life you want.

It isn’t about the logistics only but about you and how you cope with transitions.